myTranslator 1.3

Use your Android to translate more than 50 languages


  • Based on Google Translate
  • Excellent selection of languages available
  • Share your translations online


  • The usual automatic translation problems

Very good

myTranslator is a great app for quick, simple translations between up to 58 language pairs, right from your Android device.

We all need to translate something from time to time, but sometimes using a web service like Google Translate isn’t the most convenient option. myTranslator uses the same transition engine as the Google app, but makes it even easier by eliminating the need to use a browser.

myTranslator is very easy to use. Click on the languages to select yours, and type what you want to translate – words and short phrases work best – into the relevant language box. Hit translate, and you’ll have your answer. Touch the icon on the left to switch languages, and hit Menu to get other options – the most interesting of which is the option to share on whatever relevant apps you have installed in your computer.

The only limitations to myTranslator are the obvious problems you get when using an automatic translator. Apart from that, however, the app brings all the functions of Google Translate straight to your phone, without the extra hassle of opening the browser and gong to the website yourself. myTranslator is great!

Make translation simple with myTranslator.

Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


myTranslator 1.3

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